Disciples are not made overnight

It takes intentional learning in the context of accountable relationships to gain that type of influence. However, most pastors and leaders are overworked with little time to teach doctrine or design courses, let alone develop discipleship pathways, which is why PBC has become a strategic partner for pastors and churches to help create disciples and train leaders for His church worldwide.

  • Local Church Focus

    All courses are designed to equip believers to build healthy and impacting churches.

  • Theology You Can Trust

    For over 50 years, pastors and leaders have trusted PBC to mold and produce leaders for all areas of society.

  • Lecture Based Courses

    Classroom lectures are recorded live and combined with PowerPoint to create visually engaging presentations.

Audit College Courses

Work at your own pace. Start and stop anytime. Get access to courses for one, affordable monthly fee or choose the exact course you want.


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Bible Study Bundle

Get equipped in developing the skills necessary to discover Biblical truth on your own. With practical assignments and tutorials that accompany over 60 lectures, this bundle focuses on the principles, tools, and applications of Bible Study.



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Newest Bundle

Navigating Culture Bundle

Get immediate access to our six courses that will help you understand a biblical response to current cultural challenges. With more than 200 lectures, this bundle will equip you to positively influence society.



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What People Are Saying About PBC

Pastor Jude Fouquier, Lead Pastor

“Over my life in ministry the Basic Doctrine course at Portland Bible College has shaped, molded and transformed my thinking. I cannot imagine my life or ministry without it. I owe PBC so much. I truly believe that this college has some of the best biblical professors in the world, which is why we choose to implement large portions of their curriculum into our internship and leadership teams. Let PBC transform your life and ministry, the way it has mine. I highly recommended this course and others offered by PBC."

Pastor Judah Smith, Lead Pastor

“The PBC courses I took over a ten year period of time had a dramatic shaping influence on both my life and ministry. It’s been my honor to learn from these true leaders of the faith and I am grateful for the flexibility of online learning that enabled me to do that in the place of my calling."

Christian International

Pastor Eric Butler, Senior Pastor

“Partnering with PBC to bring Bible and Theology courses to my congregation has brought a depth of teaching and an impartation of the Holy Spirit that has literally transformed individuals that would rarely read their Bible, to people who love learning and are effective for ministry.”


  • What content is included in the audit course?

    All courses include full classroom lectures taught during a PBC semester. The majority of courses include 28 lectures and many include more. The lectures are supported with visuals of the content. Students can download student notes.

  • When are courses offered?

    Audit courses are independent studies that can be started any day of the year! Simply click on the big orange button (above) to purchase with a card for immediate online access when you are ready to start.

  • What is included in the audit version of a course?

    Every course has A LOT of content as they are the same lectures provided to students in the classroom! The majority of courses include at least 28 full lectures; each between 35-50mins. Students can download student notes and take notes while they are listening to professors. Audit students do not interact with other students, engage the teacher or have assignments.

  • How does an Audit courses differ from a course for credit?

    Online audit courses operate as Independent Study where students can start anytime and work at their own pace. Students do not submit assignments or engage directly with the professor or other students.

  • If I change my mind, can I get credit for my audit course?

    Credit is not granted after the fact. In order to get college credit, students need to enter a system of accountability and feedback for progress made and work completed. The audit system does not allow for that, therefore students desiring to get college credit, must apply and get accepted to PBC and register for courses. For information on taking courses for credit - https://portlandbiblecollege.org/academics/

  • How long do I get access to the course for?

    If you sign up for a single course then you have access for 6 months. If you have a subscription then you have access until you cancel.

  • I need more time, how do I extend my access?

    We definitely recommend that students access one course at a time due to the fact that each course has so much content! If life gets busy and you would like more time to go through the content, we are happy to extend access for one additional month at no additional cost to help you wrap up your course. Additional extensions can be provided at a greatly reduced rate to help you receive the full benefits of your purchase. Simply email pbconline@portlandbiblecollege.org with your request!

  • Can I download the course content?

    All PBC courses offer comprehensive course notes, which included the points, scriptures and even charts and images that every student can download and keep when the course is done. However, students are not able to download the actual course lectures to their iPods or computers.

  • Can I watch the content on a mobile device?

    Students must have a computer (PC or Mac) and access to a high-speed internet connection to stream videos and lectures. Some lectures should also play on mobile and tablet devices, but the PBC help desk is unable to provide technical support for those. The lectures will work on any browser, but we have found Firefox to provide the most consistent display.

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