Course Description

This course attempts to articulate for students how each worldview answers the following big questions of life: Knowledge Question, Reality Question, God Question, Morality Question, Identity Question, Meaning Question, Eternity Question, and the Hope Question. The student will understand the significance both theologically and practically of having a biblically based worldview and the manner in which it impacts every facet of life. There will be comparisons made between worldviews that show various outcomes and results in believing a set worldview.


Sarah Nashif-Tan, Professor

MBA, George Fox

Sarah Nashif-Tan has worked in multiple government, public policy, and advocacy roles as well as spent nine months working in Uganda on poverty and education projects, before coming to Portland Bible College in 2009, where she serves as Vice-President of Innovation as well as a Professor. 

Sarah graduated with her Bachelor’s in Government and International Politics from George Mason University in Washington DC and went on to complete her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from George Fox University in Portland Oregon. She is also a perpetual student at PBC, consistently taking Bible courses over the last 15 years.

Sarah has traveled to over 25 countries. She and her husband, Wesley, have two boys and serve on the Mannahouse Pastoral Team. Sarah is a true Daniel to society. Her passion for social justice and applying the Word of God to social issues will motivate you to be a reforming influence in culture. 

Course Outline

This course includes Student Notes and 28 Lectures.

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    Defining Worldviews

  • 3

    Hidden Worldviews

    • Student Notes - L03-06

    • L03 - Christians and Culture

    • L04 - Hidden Worldviews

    • L05 - Principle vs. Feeling

    • Worldviews Activity Instructions

    • Worldviews Activity - Pathway and Terms

    • L06 - Worldviews in Media

  • 4

    Worldviews of the World

    • Student Notes - L07-12

    • L07 - Worldviews of the World

    • L08 - Worldviews of the World

    • L09 - Worldviews of the World

    • L10 - Worldviews of the World

    • L11 - Worldviews of the World

    • L12 - Worldviews of the World

    • Worldviews Activity Instructions

    • Worldviews Activity - Bumper Stickers

  • 5

    Answering the Questions of Life

    • Student Notes - L13-24

    • L13 - Truth Questions

    • L14 - Truth Question

    • L15 - Reality Question

    • L16 - Reality and God Question

    • L17 - God Question

    • L18 - Man Question

    • L19 - Meaning Question

    • L20 - Morality

    • L21 - Morality Question

    • L22 - Eternity Question

    • L23 - Eternity Question

    • L24 - Fix the World Question

  • 6


    • Student Notes - L25-28

    • L25 - Critical Theory

    • L26 - Hidden-Worldviews

    • L27 - Keeping The Faith

    • L28 - Resilient Faith