This bundle includes six courses that will equip you to influence culture based on a solid biblical foundation: Basic Doctrine, Worldviews, Social Responsibility, Church History, Marriage and Family Issues, Cultural Tensions.

Basic Doctrine (Part 1&2)

Basic Doctrine is a study of the core beliefs of Christianity, and every other PBC course is built on the concepts found here. The purpose of this course is to set a solid foundation for sound Christian thinking. It provides a concise and systematic understanding of what the Bible teaches. Basic Doctrine provides more than a doctrinal foundation, however. It gives you a framework for understanding God's purposes, our relationship to Him, and how He is working in culture today.


This course will help you understand how various worldviews answer the big questions of life: Knowledge, Reality, God, Morality, Identity, Meaning, Eternity, and Hope. You will learn the significance both theologically and practically of having a biblically based worldview and the manner in which it impacts every facet of life.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is designed to help you better understand your responsibility as a Christian to serve and influence the society in which you live. You will explore both practically and philosophically how to apply biblical faith and values to help shape the institutions of society: government, public policy, politics, news and media, entertainment, medicine, education and the courts.

Church History

Church History is a study of the progress of the Church from apostolic times to the present. The cultural and theological challenges we face today are not as new as we often assume - the Church has been navigating many of them for centuries. Lessons from history can give us insight into the present and direction for the future. This course will focus especially on the early church, the Reformation, the restoration of the church, and the origin and progress of the twentieth-century Pentecostal movement.

Marriage & Family Issues

Marriage and Family Issues focuses on one of the most fundamental parts of society and the church: the family. In this course, you will gain a biblical understanding of the nature and purpose of marriage, relationship roles, and parenting. Through these lectures you will gain wisdom that will help you in your own family and equip you to help others navigate these controversial topics.

Cultural Tensions

Culture tends to shape us most deeply by what it presents as normal. Because we live according to the culture, but rarely think through it, we unintentionally become culture shaped rather than becoming intentional about shaping culture. Our mandate as believer is to not just survive an anti-truth culture, but to to be able to engage it with courage, clarity and resolve. This course explores a biblical perspective and response to current events and hot topics prevalent in our culture today such as sexuality, gender, justice, race, and the sanctity of life.

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Benefits of a PBC Bundle


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    Gain access to a wealth of content. Learn from professors with decades of experience navigating the challenges of changing culture. Each course includes a minimum of 27 lectures.


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With The Navigating Culture Bundle you'll learn to:
  • Create a framework for thinking about God, His Church, our identity and His purpose for our lives.
  • Build a solid biblical foundation for influencing culture.
  • Articulate lessons learned through the history of the church as it has sought to positively influence society.
  • Identify different worldviews and compare them with a biblical worldview.
  • Learn to apply what you are learning to the challenges you, your family, and your church are facing now.


Ken Malmin

Instructor of
Basic Doctrine (Part 1 & 2)

Sarah Nashif-Tan
VP of Innovation

Instructor of
Worldviews, Social Responsibility, Cultural Tensions

Travis Arnold
Professor of Theology

Instructor of
Church History

Glenda Malmin
Professor of Theology

Instructor of
Marriage and Family Issues

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    Online audit courses operate as Independent Study where students can start and stop anytime and work at their own pace. Students do not submit assignments or engage directly with the professor or other students.

  • What is included in the audit version of a course?

    Every course has a lot of content as they are the same lectures provided to students in the classroom! Most courses include at least 28 full lectures, each between 35-50 minutes. The lectures are supported with visuals of the content. Student notes are also provided for students to download and take notes while they are listening to professors. Audit students do not interact with other students, engage the teacher, or have assignments.

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    All PBC courses offer comprehensive course notes, which include the points, scriptures and even charts and images that every student can download and keep when the course is done. Students are not able to download actual course lectures to their devices. PBC offers many free lectures and resources to our community, but entire courses are copyrighted.

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