For over fifty years, Portland Bible College has been the trusted training ground for church leaders, as well as leaders in all areas of life that have had a profound impact on the world.
Ken Malmin
A Bible College education is never out of reach.

Portland Bible College is a Christian College and a ministry of Mannahouse Church committed to developing passionate leaders who know how to live in God’s presence and establish their lives on a clear set of biblical values that enable them to personally flourish and serve as influential leaders in their church and society.

About PBC Access

Our goal at Portland Bible College is to make sure that a Bible College education is never out of reach. We don't believe these courses should be reserved for seminary students. For decades, PBC has made sure our courses were available outside the traditional classroom context. Starting with mailing tape cassette and CDs and now through online platforms. 

The PBC Access learning platform is just the next improved opportunity to deliver quality and revelatory content to more and more students around the world. 

Our courses have helped thousands of pastors, church staff, marketplace leaders and committed believers achieve greater success in their churches, ministries and personal lives and we believe they will help you grow as well. 

Who is PBC Access for?

  • Pastors and church leaders who are not degree seekers, but who still desire to grow in their knowledge of Scripture

  • Individuals who, as disciples of Christ, want access to Bible college level classes without the assignments

  • Preachers and Teachers who need regular access to Bible and Theological content for sermons and classes they are teaching

  • Small Group Leaders that want to take a group through a systematic study of Scripture or ministry topic

  • Churches that need trusted curriculum for building internship or adult education discipleship programs. (View PBC Partnership programs below.)

Church Partnership Programs

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CopyrightAll courses are the intellectual property of Portland Bible College. Any copying or public presentation of part or all of the courses without express written permission from Portland Bible College is a violation of federal law. Curriculum developed by Portland Bible College is not ‘for sale,’ but available for use under different licensing options: Affiliate Program, Group License, and Individual License. Organizations do not retain usage rights to the lectures, PowerPoint, or additional curriculum outside these programs.