Course Description

This course is designed to prepare the student in the use of God’s Word to effectively share the gospel with others. Frequent objections are met with biblical answers. Suggestions for strengthening new converts are offered.


Alex Hernandez, Professor

Alex originally came to Portland from South Lake Tahoe, CA, where he got started in ministry as an equipping evangelist. Traveling for Christian Equippers International, he worked with campus ministries and local churches. He moved to Portland to attend PBC, and while there, began serving Mannahouse, formerly City Bible Church, for ten years as a youth pastor and PBC Instructor. He and his wife Sarah then spent a decade in Northern California serving churches in the area of community development and church planting. He returned to Portland in 2015 with a passion to raise up young leaders to find their place of ministry in the kingdom of God. Alex and Sarah now serve as the Lead Pastors of Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship Church in South Lake Tahoe.

Course Outline

This course includes Student Notes and 24 Lectures.

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    The Call of the Gospel

  • 3

    Sharing the Gospel

    • Student Notes - L06-12

    • L06 - Styles & Types

    • L07 - Styles & Types

    • L08 - People Open to the Gospel

    • L09 - Basics of the Gospel

    • L10 - Sharing the Gospel

    • L11 - Sharing the Gospel

    • L12 - Salvation and Testimony

  • 4

    Fruitful Evangelism

    • Student Notes - L13-18

    • L13 - Receiving and Responding to His Voice

    • L14 - The Power Necessary for Breakthrough

    • L15 - Caring for the Lost

    • L16 - Caring for the Lost

    • L17 - Principles for Fruitful Evangelism

    • L18 - Principles for Fruitful Evangelism

  • 5

    The Gospel According to Others

    • Student Notes - L19-21

    • L19 - Worlds Religion and Cults

    • L20 - World Religions and Cults

    • L21 - Society's Perspective of Church

  • 6

    Complete Evangelism

    • Student Notes - L22-27

    • L22 - Turning decisions to Disciples

    • L23 - Decisions to Disciples

    • L24 - Faith and Evangelism

    • L25 - Will Revival Come

    • L26 - Will Revival Come

    • L27 - Key to Evangelism