This bundle includes the complete series of our skills-focused Bible study courses: Intro to Bible Study, Bible Research, and Hermeneutics.

Intro to Bible Study

Intro to Bible Study is the first in this series of three courses designed to develop your personal Bible study skills. In this course, you will begin by learning about the origin and translation of Scripture, but the bulk of the course is dedicated to developing your skills in studying the Bible. You will be introduced to the basic resources and tools used to conduct studies on Bible words, characters, and passages. Intro to Bible Study is a prerequisite to the Bible Research course.

Bible Research

Bible Research is the second course in this three-course series and is designed to equip you for more in-depth Bible study. It combines both research methods and interpretation principles. Bible Research is an advanced course that focuses on the tools and methods used to study the Bible as well as some of the basic principles of interpreting Scripture. It is a prerequisite to the Hermeneutics course.


Hermeneutics is the final course in this series designed to give you the knowledge and skills to study the Bible in depth for yourself. Hermeneutics is an advanced course that moves beyond tools and methods to focus on accurate interpretation and proper application of the Word of God.

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Lanny Hubbard,
Professor of Theology

Lanny was born and raised in the Portland area. He has served on staff at PBC since 1978 and is a respected teacher, pastor and elder at Mannahouse. He is known both for his deep understanding of biblical theology and his ability to communicate it simply and clearly to others. Lanny Hubbard’s ability to teach people to love, understand, and apply God’s Word more fully has enriched the lives of individuals and the churches they serve for decades.

What Sets The Bible Study Bundle Apart

All course instructions, written assignments, and tutorials are designed around Logos Bible Software. Logos is a versatile study tool capable of meeting diverse ministry needs.
Each course provides hands-on exercises to give you practical experience in conducting biblical research including word, passage, and character studies.
Instructions for each assignment are accompanied by guided tutorials to help you implement each research method using Logos Bible Software. Learn the skills and develop the confidence to go deeper in Bible study than you ever have before.

With the Bible Study Bundle, you'll learn to:

  • Study and interpret the Bible accurately for yourself and others.

  • Strengthen your preaching and teaching through improved exegetical skills.

  • Use hermeneutical skills to evaluate and respond to contemporary social issues.

  • Conduct thorough Word, Passage, Book, Place, and Character Studies.

  • Apply key principles of biblical interpretation such as the First Mention Principle, the Context Principle, the Comparative Mention Principle,
    the Christo-Centric Principle, and others.

  • Interpret Scripture passages more accurately by understanding their literary genre.

Learn to Use LOGOS

This bundle is developed with users of Logos Bible Software in mind. The tutorials built in to each course are designed for Logos software. Students may utilize other software or online tools instead of Logos. However, we are unable to provide instructions for software other than Logos.

If you would like to take advantage of Logos as your study tool, this bundle requires at least the Starter Library of Logos with some additional purchases:

Dictionary of Biblical Languages: Hebrew
Dictionary of Biblical Languages: Greek
Mounce's Complete Expository Dictionary
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary (recommended)
The New Bible Dictionary (recommended)

Links to download these additional resources are provided in each course.

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  • How does an Audit course differ from a course for credit?

    Online audit courses operate as Independent Study where students can start and stop anytime and work at their own pace. Students do not submit assignments or engage directly with the professor or other students.

  • What is included in the audit version of a course?

    Every course has a lot of content as they are the same lectures provided to students in the classroom! Most courses include at least 28 full lectures, each between 35-50 minutes. The lectures are supported with visuals of the content. Student notes are also provided for students to download and take notes while they are listening to professors. Audit students do not interact with other students, engage the teacher, or have assignments.

  • How long do I get access to the course for?

    By subscribing to our course bundles, you will have unlimited access until you cancel the subscription. There is no minimum or maximum time limit in subscribing.

  • How to cancel my subscription on a course bundle?

    In your dashboard, click the ‘My Account’ menu and it will prompt various sub-menus. Then click ‘Billing’ and you would be able to adjust your subscriptions setting under ‘Subscriptions’ section.

  • Can I get a refund?

    You are eligible for a full refund if you cancel your access within 30 days of purchase or initial subscription. Simply email [email protected] with your request. Refunds will be made using the same payment method used to make the initial purchase. It normally takes 5-10 business days for the credit to reflect on your billing statement. You are not eligible for a refund if you cancel your access after 30 days of purchase or initial subscription.

  • Can I download the course content?

    All PBC courses offer comprehensive course notes, which include the points, scriptures and even charts and images that every student can download and keep when the course is done. Students are not able to download actual course lectures to their devices. PBC offers many free lectures and resources to our community, but entire courses are copyrighted.

  • Can I watch on mobile device?

    Students must have a computer (PC or Mac) and access to a high-speed internet connection to stream videos and lectures. Some lectures should also play on mobile and tablet devices, but the PBC help desk is unable to provide technical support for those.

  • Where do I get help if I experience technical issues?

    For a fast resolve to your technical issues, please contact the PBC Help Desk at [email protected]. All your questions will be responded to within 24 hours except on weekends when they will receive prompt attention on Monday morning. In your email, please include that you are auditing a course, the name of the course and the specific challenge you have.

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