Strengthening Faith for the Future

Prime provides the tools to help ground students in Basic Doctrine and Spiritual Discplines
and equip parents and pastors to answer the complex set of questions facing students today
with the Biblical Worldview in mind.

  • Biblical Worldview

    Biblical truth for addressing life's biggest questions.
    Give students the confidence to enter their universities and workplaces knowing that the Bible continues to provide relevant truth to life’s biggest challenges. Professors teach on the Biblical view of Justice, Race, Immigration, Mental Health, Poverty, Marriage and Family, Gender, Sanctity of life to name a few.

  • Basic Doctrine

    Know the primary components
    of their faith.

    Why scripture can be trusted? How do we know God exists? What is the purpose of mankind? Who is Christ and why the Incarnation matters. What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Why does Church Matter? What does sin do to our lives? What are the benefits of the atonement? And many more.

  • Spiritual Growth

    Develop the mental and moral qualities of Christian character. Help students develop their own spiritual practices. Professors teach practical skills like time-management and developing friendships; spiritual skills like developing a devotional time, the value of worship and the word as well as teach on character qualities of honesty and generosity.

Topics Covered in PRIME 04

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A four-year series of video lectures by Portland Bible College professors on
Doctrine, Worldviews and Discipleship.

What People Are Saying About PRIME

Lexi Sneer, PRIME Student

"Prime helped me develop a better understanding of my purpose. The classes benefited my walk with Jesus drastically. At the same time, I developed friendships that have continued to present day. The classes taught curriculum that furthered my understanding of right and wrong thinking. Any young person that wants to grow in their faith should do
this internship. "

Jennifer Corbus, Parent

“My son’s life was miraculously transformed by the teaching at PRIME. It led him to know he had a purpose and a future, and on top of that, receiving college credit gave him the confidence to pursue more academic goals.”

Marcus Soveral, Youth Pastor

“PRIME really helped our students get connected as they got the opportunity to learn and serve together. Both students and leaders were encouraged and motivated by the courses as they learned about the Bible and also practical life skills like time management. I highly recommend PRIME to every youth pastor out there!”

Included in PRIME:

18 Video Classes (45 min each)
Downloadable Student Notes
Social Media Promotional Assets
Design Templates
Ministry Experience Resources
Optional Internship Schedules
Portland Bible College Credit

Get instant access to PRIME for only $325. This includes college credit for 5 students.

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  • How many lectures are available in PRIME?

    Prime has four parts - PRIME01, PRIME02, PRIME03 and PRIME04. Each section of PRIME includes 18 lectures - 6 lectures on Biblical Doctrine, 6 lectures on Worldviews and 6 lectures on spiritual disciplines. There are a total of 72 lectures in the series and no topic is repeated. Students or groups do not need to start at the beginning of PRIME, but can step into any section of PRIME.

  • Is it possible to get college credit from PRIME?

    Yes. When you sign up for PRIME, credit is already included for your first five students. It is optional to take advantage of this, but it is also a great incentive for parents to buy in. Each section of PRIME is worth 1 semester credit. Students can get up to 4 credits if they attend all four sections of PRIME.

  • What is the level of the content in the lectures?

    It is college level content, packaged in a way that is appropriate for the attention span of a high school student. The content is not exhaustive, but it is designed to spark a new curiosity regarding topics that go beyond what they are usually exposed to in Sunday school and Youth groups.

  • Are there age limitations on who can enroll in PRIME?

    Highschool students, College students and young adults have all reported that the content and topics are extremely relevant to their current context. We think the ideal age is 16-24 year olds, but many adults, especially parents of young adults, find the topics very helpful. Students should have completed 8th grade as a minimum.

  • Is the scheduling of the program customizable?

    Yes. We will provide to you what we did and how we did it, but you are able to rearrange the components however they fit best for your group. We offered three lectures a week over 6 weeks. Some groups have done two lectures a week over 9 weeks during a Fall or Spring term.

  • How long do I get access to the material?

    Each section you sign up for will be available to access and use for four months. If you need an extension, please just email us at [email protected].