Course Description

A study of the book of Hebrews, emphasizing its doctrine, relationship to the Old Testament, and relevance to the Church today.


Lanny Hubbard, Professor of Theology

Lanny was born and raised in the Portland area. After three years serving in the armed forces, he attended PBC and completed his Bachelor degree. He has functioned on staff at the college since 1978 and has become a respected Teacher, Pastor and Elder at Mannahouse. In 2006, he graduated from Western Seminary with an MA in exegetical theology. He is known for having both wide and deep knowledge of the Bible and if anyone is considered an “expert” on the Bible, Lanny would fit the bill. He has worked with his wife Joanne in developing new courses for the online program. They have raised three children who are all graduates from PBC and are actively involved in ministry. Lanny Hubbard’s deep understanding of the scriptures will open your eyes to how the Bible is relevant today.

Course Outline

This course includes Student Notes and 32 Lectures.

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Course Introduction

  • 2


  • 3

    Christ and the Prophets

    • Student Notes - L03-04

    • L03 - Christ and the Prophets

    • L04 - Christ and the Prophets

  • 4

    Christ and the Angels

    • Student Notes - L05-07

    • L05 - Christ and the Angels

    • L06 - Christ and the Angels

    • L07 - Christ and the Angels

  • 5

    Christ and Moses

    • Student Notes - L08-11

    • L08 - Christ and Moses

    • L09 - Christ and Moses

    • L10 - Christ and Moses

    • L11 - Christ and Moses

  • 6

    Priesthood in the Old Testament

    • Student Notes - L12

    • L12 - Priesthood in the OT

  • 7

    Christ's Priesthood

    • Student Notes - L13

    • L13 - Christ's Priesthood

  • 8

    Believer's Conviction

    • Student Notes - L14-16

    • L14 - Believer's Conviction

    • L15 - Believer's Conviction

    • L16 - Believer's Conviction

  • 9

    Melchizedek Priesthood

    • Student Notes - L17-18

    • L17 - Melchizedek Priesthood

    • L18 - Melchizedek Priesthood

  • 10

    Heavenly Sanctuary

    • Student Notes - L19

    • L19 - Heavenly Sanctuary

  • 11

    New Covenant

    • Student Notes - L20

    • L20 - New Covenant

  • 12

    Sacrifice of the Covenant

    • Student Notes - L21-23

    • L21 - Sacrifice of the Covenant

    • L22 - Sacrifice of the Covenant

    • L23 - Sacrifice of the Covenant

  • 13

    Characteristics of Faith

    • Student Notes - L24-25

    • L24 - Characteristics of Faith

    • L25 - Characteristics of Faith

  • 14

    Discipline of Faith

    • Student Notes - L26

    • L26 - Discipline of Faith

  • 15


    • Student Notes - L27

    • L27 - Warning

  • 16

    Final Admonition

    • Student Notes - L28

    • L28 - Final Admonition


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